Error installing Juju

My initial problem came when I tried to install:

sudo snap install juju --classic

During the Canonical Operators Day training session, which Repeatedly Returned an error for exceeding time…

I rechecked my system (Linux Ubuntu installed on Windows through Oracle VirtualBox) allocations.
I noticed my CPU allotment was only one (1) so I increased CPU to three (3) CPU’s (and removed boot from floppy disk) and used

sudo snap install --classic juju

Message returned:

Juju 2.8.6 from Canonical✅Installed

To ensure snaps are snappy there is a timeout for how long an install should take, if it takes longer than that it will return an error as you experienced. One of the problems when installing was that if we find microk8s we attempt to wire up Juju with a primed container image for OCI and mongo. Unfortunately, the wireup would take up valuable time for installing Juju itself, so this PR attempts to address some of that issue.

There is still an issue that even with this fix if an install doesn’t have enough CPU then it will unfortunately timeout.