[Draft] Reorganization of chat and forum

I would like to propose a reorganization of the forum and chat to better reflect the various components/subprojects of Juju.

The ambition is to get a better overview of the different pieces of Juju and reduce confusion for community members on where to find and discuss various topics.

My initial suggestion is to have additional (auto-joining) chat-channels in Mattermost:

> jaas
> charmhub
> charms
> charmcraft
> ops framework
> controller
> client
> gui/dashboard
> juju core
> bugs

I also suggest we create “sub-sections” in the discourse to reflect 1-1 this structure along with changing into the “default” layout instead of the current layout which I find very awkward and often makes me lose posts.

This is my initial suggestion, whats your thoughts?

@ppasotti @tmihoc @hallback @hmlanigan @mcjaeger @facundo @pedroleaoc

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Frequently, users won’t have a clear picture of the difference between juju client and controller. Or the juju agents running on machines created by juju. Is it worth splitting them up?

What does “juju core” cover?

Questions and comments seem to apply to the juju ecosystem, unless it’s a power user.

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I think so. Its often that responses include something like “… Its something for charmcraft/dashboard/xxx” If the forum is organized already to reflect this already existing sub-projects, it will be easier to refer to this, which then also helps those involved spot topics relevant/prioritised to them.

Good question. Perhaps its not adding clarity. I actually don’t know.

Generally what this proposal is all about, is to capture better, and expose, the already existing sub-projects of juju which in my head could help users quickly see this structure when working with the ecosystem.

Perhaps jimm would be another topic now that I think of it since that’s also a separate project?

@erik-lonroth I take your point about how this subdivision of topics could be educational. However, like @hmlanigan, I fear it might also be, and to a greater extent, confusing. I think working with the existing big subdivisions (OLM, SDK) might be better. E.g., the Mattermost channel “Juju: The Charmed Operator Framework” should be renamed “Juju OLM”, with the header “Manage charmed applications with Juju” and the “Creating Charmed Operators” channel should be renamed “Juju SDK”, with the header “Build a charmed applications with Juju”. (“Charmed application” is an attempt to introduce Juju-jargon to the user in a way that’s not completely cryptic.) Imo that would already improve things a lot. Then, on Discourse, questions related to the OLM/SDK should be tagged “OLM”/“SDK”.

OK, so I guess we stay with the current layout then until there are more people that asks for changes?

We have added a Juju Development channel recently. The Juju core team will be talking there about code etc. While continuing to monitor the other channels.

I’m open to renaming the channels, but I think @tmihoc is right about avoiding cryptic channel names. I would prefer to keep some strong relationship between the Documented names and the Channel names.

  • Juju OLM or is it the Charmed Operator Lifecycle Manager or is it Juju?
  • Juju SDK or is it the Operator Framework or is it the Charmed Operator Framework?

We need consistency of terms used in the documentation, community and within tools (juju, charmcraft etc). Right now I think we are missing that.