Does Canonical support Masakari?

Does Canonical support Masakari ?

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I believe so: masakari | Juju, if this is what you mean? Though it says supported by ‘openstack-charmers’ which I guess is not necessarily just Canonical?

Does anyone know if Maskari supports TLS endpoints.

I’ve just started doing some testing but noticed that even though I’m relating to Vault, the Openstack endpoint uses HTTP

root@maas-01:~# juju status masakari --relations
Model                       Controller             Cloud/Region                   Version  SLA          Timestamp
openstack-lab-devzero-home  juju.lab.devzero.home  maas.lab.devzero.home/default  2.8.7    unsupported  17:29:05Z

App                    Version  Status  Scale  Charm         Store       Channel  Rev  OS      Message
masakari               9.0.0    active      3  masakari      charmstore            10  ubuntu  Unit is ready
masakari-hacluster              active      3  hacluster     charmstore            76  ubuntu  Unit is ready and clustered
masakari-mysql-router  8.0.25   active      3  mysql-router  charmstore             8  ubuntu  Unit is ready

Unit                        Workload  Agent  Machine  Public address  Ports      Message
masakari/0*                 active    idle   0/lxd/8   15868/tcp  Unit is ready
  masakari-hacluster/0*     active    idle                Unit is ready and clustered
  masakari-mysql-router/0*  active    idle                Unit is ready
masakari/1                  active    idle   1/lxd/8   15868/tcp  Unit is ready
  masakari-hacluster/2      active    idle                Unit is ready and clustered
  masakari-mysql-router/2   active    idle                Unit is ready
masakari/2                  active    idle   2/lxd/8   15868/tcp  Unit is ready
  masakari-hacluster/1      active    idle                Unit is ready and clustered
  masakari-mysql-router/1   active    idle                Unit is ready

Machine  State    DNS            Inst id              Series  AZ  Message
0        started  saving-trout         focal   NC  Deployed
0/lxd/8  started  juju-77700e-0-lxd-8  focal   NC  Container started
1        started  superb-moose         focal   NC  Deployed
1/lxd/8  started  juju-77700e-1-lxd-8  focal   NC  Container started
2        started  good-lamb            focal   NC  Deployed
2/lxd/8  started  juju-77700e-2-lxd-8  focal   NC  Container started

Relation provider                  Requirer                             Interface         Type         Message
keystone:identity-service          masakari:identity-service            keystone          regular
masakari-hacluster:ha              masakari:ha                          hacluster         subordinate
masakari-hacluster:hanode          masakari-hacluster:hanode            hacluster         peer
masakari-mysql-router:shared-db    masakari:shared-db                   mysql-shared      subordinate
masakari:cluster                   masakari:cluster                     openstack-ha      peer
mysql-innodb-cluster:db-router     masakari-mysql-router:db-router      mysql-router      regular
pacemaker-remote:pacemaker-remote  masakari-hacluster:pacemaker-remote  pacemaker-remote  regular
rabbitmq-server:amqp               masakari:amqp                        rabbitmq          regular
vault:certificates                 masakari:certificates                tls-certificates  regular

root@maas-01:~# openstack endpoint list| grep instance-ha
| 052e9cfd2e6d4af9829c1fd13759f835 | RegionOne | masakari     | instance-ha     | True    | public    | http://masakari.lab.devzero.home:15868/v1/%(tenant_id)s         |
| 38b870694ac0457db9dcc6bef4cb99f3 | RegionOne | masakari     | instance-ha     | True    | admin     | http://masakari.lab.devzero.home:15868/v1/%(tenant_id)s         |
| 675b7b2476254f3389e2a26bd1172c71 | RegionOne | masakari     | instance-ha     | True    | internal  | http://masakari.lab.devzero.home:15868/v1/%(tenant_id)s         |

The endpoint should be using HTTPS. Perhaps the charm failed to restart something. Could you file a bug on this?

Can you give more detail on what sort of information you are looking for? That being said here are a few points:

  • Canonical makes available software packages (such as Masakari) in the default Ubuntu package archives as well as backports for supported Ubuntu TLS releases via the Ubuntu Cloud Archive.
  • Canonical also creates and supports Juju charms that provision Masakari nodes for use in the Charmed OpenStack project, whose usage is documented in the OpenStack Charms Deployment Guide.