Documentation personas

As we move our documentation into Discourse, I think we should also think a little more about audience design. Who are we writing the various pages for.

I have been thinking a little about who the various types of people are who might be looking at the documentation.

  • the project lead, CTO type person trying to decide if Juju is something that they should invest time and effort into
  • the people deploying new systems, often behind firewalls, sometimes for other people. These are like Canonical’s field engineers
  • people who are operating models, keeping things up to date, upgrading juju, charms, config etc. Examples here would be our Bootstack people
  • people who are wanting to use Juju to deploy their software. These people are wanting to use some existing service charms like haproxy or postgresql, but need to integrate their software. These people would be users of other people’s layers
  • people who are writing new service oriented software charms. These people need to author new layers for other people to be able to integrate with them.

Each of these groups has a different focus on documentation, what they are trying to find out etc.

We should be thinking about this as we restructure our docs.