Discourse categories update

In the next few days, we will be restructuring the categories across discourse.charmhub.io.

The categories will be the following:

  • charm: A place to discuss charms and their ecosystem.
  • juju: A place to discuss all things juju. From troubleshooting to feature discussions.
  • charmcraft: A place to discuss the tool charmcraft. The method of creating and publishing Charms.
  • doc: Where all documentation will live.
  • framework: A place to discuss the charming framework.
  • discourse: If you have any issues, suggestions or improvements on this discourse.
  • other: Any other topic (eg. coffee)

The reason for this change is the recent growth of the Juju ecosystem. This evolution of tooling in this area leads us to take this opportunity to organise the communication into logical categories to keep conversations clear and on point.

If you have any questions or see some topics that were moved into the wrong category feel free to post here.