Discourse Appears to be Unable to Send Emails

I’ve noticed that I haven’t gotten a single Email from Discourse since at least November of 2020. I’ve checked my email settings and everything seems in order. Is there a way to verify whether or not Discourse is in fact unable to send emails?

Do you receive the summary email? I noticed this topic from the summary email. So, I can confirm I am receiving that email but not seen any direct emails.

I haven’t gotten any summary emails, but I do have my preferences set to receive them:


In the admin, it says you were emailed 31 mins ago. Are you sure these emails are not hitting spam?

Hmm, very strange. There’s nothing in spam. I thought it might just be me, but it appears to be happening to another user, too:

Hmmmm … I was able to send a test email to my Canonical address, and to my personal Gmail address, though the latter got marked as spam.

Looking through the admin panel, I see that Discourse has attempted to send email to zicklag, and hasn’t marked the email as bounced or rejected. The same goes for the email to my personal Gmail.

@zicklag: it’s possible that your mail server is silently dropping emails from Discourse for some reason. The next step is probably to check with your domain’s mail admin, to see what policies they have in place that might be munching Discourse messages.

OK, thanks for the investigation. Maybe I need to trust your guys’s domain or something. I think it only started happening after the discourse got updated ( or at least re-skinned ) so many months ago. I’m on several other Discourse forums so I know it’s not discourse itself.

What domain are the emails sent from? That might help me trust it or at least give me something to tell my mail server folks about where I can’t get Emails from.

This discourse moved from discourse.juju.is to discourse.charmhub.io at some point in the past few months, which might have invalidated any filters you had setup in the past.

Currently, mail is being sent from discourse.charmhub.io.

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