"Develop (and deploy) a Reactive Juju Charm"

The Italian research computing consortium GARR uses Juju heavily internally.

The team there have developed an excellent tutorial on how to use the reactive framework to write a charm for Wordpress.

[The tutorial shows] how to develop a Juju Charm based on the Wordpress CMS using the Reactive framework.

The Wordpress charm will be developed iteratively, then deployed, configured and put in relation to the mysql charm.

Although this tutorial is focused on Wordpress, the basic concepts can be applied to the development of other charms supporting different applications. The specific behaviour of the charm will of course depend on the specific application.

The tutorial takes you through the process of creating a charm, deploying it and integrating it with the public MySQL charm.

Eventually, you’ll see a Wordpress deployment from the “local” charm store, rather than the public one:


Awesome, cool to see.

Just a heads up the status image appears broken to me. It’s strange since it’s working if you go into edit mode of the post.

It looks like I hotlinked the image rather than uploading it to Discourse. Will fix. [edit: done]