Deploying LizardFS With Juju - Video Tutorial

Hey everybody, I just made a quick, 9 minute tutorial on how to deploy LizardFS on Juju with our new LizardFS charms. The charms still need some extra features and documentation, but the video is a great demonstration of what Juju can do:

All of the charms were made with the Lucky framework, which is definitely showing its value. I was able to produce the charms for LizardFS in about 3 days just by writing very simple shell scripts.


Awesome @zicklag! It’s been amazing to watch your progress with Juju.

Your efforts are absolutely amazing @zicklag.

I’m curious about that your context looks like. What’s your targets in terms of larger deployments or general drivers for this massive effort with the Lucky framework ?

It might assist me in figuring out how to co-develop things of value.

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Glory to God. :slight_smile:

Right now the LizardFS deployment effort was to help the LizardFS community and we don’t have any specific deployments planned for it yet. As for other uses of Lucky, right now we have somebody using it in their enterprise to explore automating the deployment of miscellaneous applications, both in-house and other tools. No large deployments yet, but it is likely going to be going into production soon.

Otherwise, it is essentially for us to eventually replace everything that we run or would otherwise run on Docker Swarm for our own use at Katharos Technology. We’ve already started growing a list of charms with it: katharostech | Juju.

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