Deploying CDK on top of Ubuntu groovy (20.10)

Hi, I’m trying to deploy CDK on top of my pre-provisioned infrastructure (Ubuntu 20.10)

juju bootstrap --no-gui --bootstrap-series=groovy --debug manual/root@

This is my bundle.yml:

And this is my cloud.yml:

Can you please pointme to the docs or any example where I can get the correct bundle to deploy OKD on top of Ubuntu 20.10?

The only reference I was able to find is this one:

The error I’m hitting is that groovy is not supported.


Hello @ccamacho. Thank you for the question!

Juju will support Groovy as of Juju 2.9, which should release in the near future. Apologies for the delay.

~ PeteVG

@petevg thanks for pointing out about the version, im using now juju 2.9 and I am able to deploy the machines using groovy. Now, I need to have a bundle to deploy cdk with groovy. Can you point me to a working example?
Im following these:

But they dont work with groovy.