data port on add-unit nova-compute

I want to add a new server with

juju add-unit nova-compute

that does not have the same newtwork interfaces names than the other servers , my cloud was configured with

data-port: &data-port br-ex:eno2

but the new server has eno0, ens1, eth1, eth2, and eth3

how do I tell nova compute witch interface to use?

@mario-chirinos You can use hardware addresses. Check out the Charm Guide.

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@pmatulis but i don’t want to configure a bundle , i just want to deploy a single server with a different configuration .

If you want to use interface ens1 and it has a hardware address of b8:ca:3a:64:da:c8 (on bridge br-ex) then try to have file ovn-chassis.yaml with the following contents:

  bridge-interface-mappings: >-


juju config ovn-chassis --file ovn-chassis.yaml
juju add-unit nova-compute

I’m not sure that you can list two different interface names:


@fnordahl can you confirm?

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will juju config ovn-chassis affect just the next add unit? or is a general configuration? actually I have 6 servers that has this interfaces.

I can confirm @pmatulis’s suggested approach will work.

Juju charm configuration affects all units of a named application.

If you have 6 machines with deviating configuration your choices are to either list the MAC addresses of the interfaces as @pmatulis suggested above, or to add a second set of named applications for nova-compute and ovn-chassis and fit them with a different configuration.

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Tank you , that make it more clear, i think i will try to see if I can rename the hardware interfaces

Thanks with your replays I understand how that the configuration is global . At the end what I did was to change the name of the interface in MAAS before deploying the unit.

Thanks @pmatulis and @fnordahl