[Dashboard] Displaying Cross-Model Relations

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Displaying Cross Model Relations (CMR), which allows applications in different models to be related, is an area that our Juju team has always been trying to explore and keep the visual complexity to a minimum.

Over the last 2 iterations, we started some user research and held a workshop session to ideate solutions. Thanks again to those who contributed insights to this topic! :blush:

This iteration, we have completed the MVP version of the CMR wireframes. We would like to share this with you to gather some feedback and comments!

If you are on Zeplin, you are welcomed to comment here: https://zpl.io/25WvQWe

Model details > Relation view

Under a specific ‘Relation’ view, together with all inter-model relations, CMRs of this model (both Provided offers and Consumptions) with their connection status and remote model details will be available.

CMR details panel of a selected CMR

A panel giving an overview of the CMR, synthesizing information from both the Offer and Consumer side.

Relations in the App panel

Both Inter-model relations and CMRs provided by a specific application will also be displayed in the app panel, giving more context of the app’s status.

We will continue to hear your feedback and to polish the design. Please feel free to share your thoughts here!

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(UX designer @ Web&Design)


Thank you for all the hard work that you’ve put into this design, @ziheliu214!

As someone familiar with cross model relations, this feels very comfortable to me. It gives me the information that I need for troubleshooting, and for just reviewing where my cross model relations come from.


Thanks Pete!! We really appreciate the support from you and your team all the time :blush:

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It looks really promising! Nice work!

Will this feature work

  • cross cloud?
  • with jimm?


Thanks @erik-lonroth, yes that would be the plan :slight_smile:

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