Customization of Kubeflow UI

Hello I have installed micrk8s then juju to install kubeflow solution . which works fine but i need to edit the ui to have more restriction with my users and cluster. For Now i just would like to remove the button “New Notebook” from the notebooks tab? how would i do that? my issue here is that there is not restriction on the user, once he inside the kubeflow system he can get what ever is available.
My use-case is for my lab to share the resource we have with the ones in campu.

Hey @mohammed-alsinan, how would your users connect to the cluster and what login credentials would they use?

The way to achieve what you describe would be to:

  1. Connect Dex to your OIDC Provider
  2. Different users would have their own Profiles/namespaces
  3. If multiple users need to access resources in the same namespace then they can be added as contributors via the Manage Contributors app

But it’s crucial to be able to have multiple users to achieve this. Unfortunately for now you can’t add multiple static users with our Dex Charm so you’ll need to integrate with