Custom Horizon Plugin

Hi, I’m using a Charmed Openstack running Bobcat (2023.2) so I can take advantage of the new MFA and the Horizon TOTP plugin. We don’t use the CLI that much and I’m going to develop a custom horizon plugin that allows a user to enable MFA for his own account and also generates a QR code that he can scan with his Authentication app. Should I develop a subcharm linked to the charm-openstack-dashboard to deploy my plugin? How should I handle this? Thank you for any advice.

Hi Carlos,

This sounds really interesting, indeed many users rely mostly (if not exclusively) on Horizon.

My answer to your question depends if you have the intention to propose your code to upstream Horizon, will you?, or you would like to keep this code customized to your needs and live independently?

Hi Felipe, I don’t mind sharing and pushing the code to upstream Horizon if it can be of value to anyone else. The idea is to also learn the inner workings of Horizon in the process so pushing it upstream would mean following the given standards which makes sense.

I’ve also submitted my first commit to enable the configuration parameter needed for the Horizon charm. It is a basic commit under review but I like to help whenever possible.