Custom Cinder backend


I am planning on using a centralized storage array with my Openstack deployment. I’ve done the deployment on the past and configured the cinder.conf files by hand, so I know what I need to place on that file and also the .deb file I need to install on every storage node. I want to know if you guys can guide me as to how should I proceed to do the same thing on juju because now I’m deploying a charmed Openstack. Do I need to write a charm configure the cinder.conf file and put there my storage backend configuration? If so, Do you know where I could start looking for information? I have deployed an Openstack cloud with CEPH using other’s charms but never created my own. I also went through the charm store and didn’t find one for my storage vendor.

Hi there. What storage backend are you using? See Develop Cinder storage driver charm in the OpenStack Charms documentation.

Hi, We are using a Hitachi Vantara Storage using Fibre Channel. I’ll look at the info provided.

Sweet. I am very interested in any feedback you may have on the cited documentation resource.