Cross Model relations in bundle

I am able to relate keystone in a central region in one model to another region in a different model via cross model relations and juju relate commands manually.:

juju switch centralmodel

juju offer keystone:identity-service
juju switch remotemodel

juju consume admin/centralmodel.keystone keystone-common

juju relate openstack-dashboard:identity-service keystone-common
juju relate cinder:identity-service keystone-common
juju relate glance:identity-service keystone-common
juju relate neutron-api:identity-service keystone-common
juju relate nova-cloud-controller:identity-service keystone-common
juju relate placement:identity-service keystone-common

I understand that when deploying from bundle, it knows not about other models, but I had hoped that if I create the model manually and consume the offer to the alias “keystone-common” then I could then just relate using that alias in the bundle like so:

- - nova-cloud-controller:identity-service
  - keystone-common

However, deploying the bundle gives:

relation ["nova-cloud-controller:identity-service" "keystone-common"] refers to application "keystone-common" not defined in this bundle

Is there a way to do this or not yet included in the bundle deployment functionaility?