Create `dpe` track for mysql-router charm

Hello there,

we need to create a new track dpe (Data Platform Engineering) for mysql-router charm. This is required so Data Platform team can publish edge “new gen ops charms” under this track while keeping standard tracks untouched, avoiding disruption on current owners (Openstack) in production charm.

I’ll have someone from openstack team to give a +1 here, so we are authorized.


Hey @paulomachado;

Yep, from a OpenStack charms team, this is great! +1 from us.

Um don’t edge builds belong in the “edge” risk? :slight_smile:

What’s the migration plan for people who sign up for the dpe track and then once those features are propagated to stable, want to move off dpe (which may contain bleeding-edge changes they may not want to use)?

I’m +1 on granting the track if you’re still interested in it, pending your consideration of the above concerns.

  • Daniel

Um don’t edge builds belong in the “edge” risk? :slight_smile:

Absolutely, but as for now, we have to live with concurrent edge channels until the dpe charm reaches feature parity.

As for migration plan, dpe will only have an edge channel and the intent to be tested internally. This will be promoted to stable once we have feature parity, all legacy relations in place and some sort of production readiness validation.

Track dpe is now created.

  • daniel

Thank you!