Could I deploy rsyslog in deployed openstack?

Hi,I am learning how to deploy rsyslog .

As the document Juju logs said ," Remote logging is configured during the controller-creation step by supplying a YAML format configuration file" ,with fellow command:

juju bootstrap <cloud> --config logconfig.yaml

My question is : Could I deploy rsyslog system after the openstack was deployed ? If I can, how I deploy it?

Hello @yanxiaomu,

Regarding rsyslog deployment and configuration of log forwarding, you’re first going to need to determine which logs you wish to have forwarded to your rsyslog server.

Regarding the Juju logs link you provided, that configuration is for enabling log-forwarding of the juju controller and juju agent logs from either the controller or from the openstack model units, but I cannot speak to whether it would configure the deployed machines’ rsyslog agents to also forward system and application logs to your remote syslog server. My impression is that the juju configs are only for the juju logs shown with juju debug-log which should include the logs in /var/log/juju/*.log.

If you also intend to forward all system and application logs from your openstack environment to a remote syslog server, there is a charm which can be related to each principle application on the servers in your model (for instance, nova-compute, neutron-gateway, mysql, rabbitmq-server, keystone, cinder, neutron-api, nova-cloud-controller, etc) and can forward ALL rsyslog logs to a central collector. You can either configure this subordinate application with the IP address of a remote syslog collector you’ve already set up in your environment external to the juju deployment, or you can follow the advice in that charm’s documentation to set up an rsyslog collector within your juju model with the rsyslog charm.

In either case, the juju controller/agent log forwarding will have to be configured separately (via the documentation you linked to) from the system and application syslog which should be configured with the rsyslog-forwarder-ha charm.

If you require further assistance, please provide details regarding which logs you wish to collect centrally and whether you’re running an extrnal rsyslog collector or if you’d like to deploy the rsyslog collector within your juju environment.

Thank you,

Regarding the question of whether you can enable logging after deployment, this should be possible with either method by using juju model-config and juju controller-config commands along with deploying the rsyslog-forwarder-ha charms, all of which should allow you to modify the log forwarding after deployment of openstack.

Thank you @ afreibergerDrew FreibergerCanonical Staff.

Your answer is so helpful.

I will to deploy rsyslog-forwarder-ha to forward logs to rsyslog server.

Thank you a lot again.

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Hi.@ afreibergerDrew FreibergerCanonical Staff

Today I test charms Rsyslog #18,Rsyslog Forwarder Ha #20 with Postgresql #233 or with mysql #58. rsyslog server is worked and recived the forward logs and “testing”.

But maybe Rsyslog Forwarder Ha #20 with a bug paste here.
when juju status,rsyslog-forwarder-ha application‘s status and unit workload is unknow.

Thank you again.

Glad to hear that worked out for you!

The unknown status is a reported bug. I assure you it is a display issue only and not affecting the functionality of the charm or application.