Container support for Charmed OpenStack

Hello there,

I am currently doing a POC of Charmed Openstack based on:

I am wondering what if any is the capacity to host containers? I see that nova lxd and nova docker are deprecated and replaced by Zun?

Would it be wise or at all possible to perform a manual install of Zun on Charmed OpenStack?

Are there alternatives I should consider? (we are wanting to run a mixed workload VMs + containers)

Cheers and thanks.

Charmed OpenStack doesn’t currently directly support running containers in OpenStack, but it looks like Cloudbase has charmed Magnum so there’s an option to use Magnum.

There is some discussion on a similar question from over a year ago that hasn’t changed much (except Gabriel’s charm moving into Cloudbase’s organization on Github).

To answer your question about feasibility of manually installing Zun on Charmed OpenStack, it would be difficult to do manually and would be better done by writing a new API charm to install Zun. The OpenStack Charms team is happy to accept community contributed OpenStack charms, a recent example that was community developed and submitted is Watcher!