Conjure-up fails to detect my juju cloud

I am on virtualbox in ubuntu 18.04. bionic

i have created a manual cloud via juju add cloud and juju shows it fine

dimtheo@juju:~$ juju clouds | grep auvious
auvious 0 manual

juju status
Model Controller Cloud/Region Version SLA Timestamp
default ctrl1 auvious 2.4.5 unsupported 11:41:58Z

Machine State DNS Inst id Series AZ Message
0 started manual: bionic Manually provisioned machine
9 started manual: bionic Manually provisioned machine

when i enter conjure-up and i select the cloud previously created with juju i get the below error

Unable to find cloud for manual, you can double check that cloud exists by running juju clouds. Please see juju help clouds for more information

what could be wrong ? journalct errors are pasted here: Nov 13 10:51:23 juju systemd[1]: Mounting Mount unit for conjure-up, revision 10 -


Hmm, you might want to track this bug Bug #1802210 “conjure-up does not see my juju cloud” : Bugs : conjure-up around that. I wonder if @adam-stokes knows if manual clouds are usable for conjure-up or not.

hi @rick_h the link you showed me is actually posted by me :slight_smile: i still have not found a way to get this to work