[community-workshop] Starting in North and South America friendly timezones

We’re looking to bootstrap community workshops at times friendly to North and South America!

Please vote on times convenient for UTC-3 to UTC-7, or suggest an alternative.

  1. 9am PDT, 1pm BRT
  2. 10am PDT, 2pm BRT
  3. 11am PDT, 3pm BRT
  4. 12pm PDT, 4pm BRT

Great initiative! At Community Events you can find a running list of topics I was hoping to cover and keep expanding as people come up with ideas of things to discuss or explore. We could keep a single list for both series, or make two parallel ones?



@pordonez just tagging you to put this on your radar, as I know the time will suit you much better.

PS I’ve added the category “announcements and community” and the tag “community-workshop” so this would appear alongside our other community workshop announcements.

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Guys, I am really interested on the Americas workshop.

But …

Can we schedule a Zoom meeting ?

Tentative topics (please be free to add or remove any of them):

  • I would like to hear from Erick experience (goals, successes and mistakes on Europe workshop).
  • Best way to approach other people interested in Juju?
  • Overload of hosting the workshop?
  • Best way to involve the community on the workshop?
  • Best way to approach Canonical Juju Team?


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Personally, any of the listed times are fine :slight_smile:


I’m good with any!

I’ve created an Inaugural Americas workshop to kickstart:

Friday 5-August 1pm EDT


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@erik-lonroth @pordonez just putting it on your radar.

@hmlanigan I seem to be unable to tell what calendar that event is on, or to invite myself to it :-/ Any suggestions?

There is a Juju Community calendar. The link is also in this post