[community-workshop] snap a microservice, deploy it with juju

Welcome to join the community workshop circling around Juju and ops.

When: Friday, 3 march · 10:00–11:00 (Stockholm tz) https://meet.google.com/img-thgx-nmk

In this workshop, I’ll teach you how to create a simple python service, create a snap out of it, put it into a charm and finally deploy it with juju. This would be the core of “microservice” management and generally a super-useful skill to have in your sleeve.

The approach captures the essence of managing services with Juju which would scale very well beyond this simple example and let you expand on the concept in your every day work.

Ideally, you know a little about python, snap and juju - but due to the simplicity of it - you will be able to follow along.

The code we will be using for the different components are here for you to study in advance:

See you there! Bring a friend!


I’ll be there!

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Are there recorded videos of these meetings?