Community Workshop: simulating events, and new ways to develop/debug charm code


I’ve been developing a suite of tools (jhack for friends) to do fun things with events and ‘live’ charm runtimes. I’d like to present these tools to the community, talk about the ways I use them and how I think they could be useful to you as well, to speed up and facilitate charm development.

In this workshop I’ll make a case for these tools, showcase them, then open up a discussion on how to use them best, and how to keep evolving charm development.


Your friendly CharmTech codemonkey Pietro Pasotti.

And you! Whether you’re a beginner charmer or an advanced sorcerer, this is for you. Your chance to better understand what it means for a charm to “receive an event” (your chance to realize there is no such thing as an event – as a data structure – until ops gets involved).


  • Friday, 16 September · 10:00 – 11:00am CEST



Because let’s make charming charming again!


note that the meeting url has changed since somehow the original event disappeared. If in doubt, check here for the latest updates.