[community workshop] Relations: from databags to best practices

Greetings python charmers!

Prepare for the next workshop:

Friday 27:th May at 10:00 CEST.

Meeting link.

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This workshop will be headed by Pietro, fresh after a few weeks’ worth of studying and understanding relations, as well as coding a couple of relation interfaces and libraries. We will see:

  • (recap for the newbies, if any)
    • What is a relation?
    • What is a databag?
  • Access control: who can I/O what?
  • Difference between app and unit data: how to use it, how to not abuse it.
  • Relation interfaces: introducing messages and how to time it all (demo of show-relation util).
  • Where does it hurt? Identifying the pain points in the current process/model.
  • Wrapping it up: showcase of (what started as) a little fun project (and rapidly got out of hand).
  • (If time allows)
    • How, then, to write relation interfaces (and libraries)? Best practices and guidelines.
  • Closing

If your timezone won’t allow you to be present, please add your input anyway here in the comments and we will try push it in to the best of our ability.

Anyone is welcome to join. Bring a beer. Bring a friend. Be nice.


I’ll be there!

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Hi, would it be possible request a resit? It would be impossible for me to attend otherwise


I’ll come! Will be 15 minutes late so just start without me.

for all those who were there, thanks for the awesome discussion, and here are the slides!