[community workshop] Publication Checklist for Charms

Hello all,

as proposed last week’s community workshop: Let’s discuss about a publication checklist for checking before publishing charms on charmhub?

Some charms dev starting their work have asked for it already: the big question is what points to go for making an initial charm? When would it be ready for a first publication?


Please see list of proposals below, but most importantly:

  1. Date: this Friday April 29th 2022 at 10:00 am CEST
  2. Google meet coordinates:

Link: https://meet.google.com/rhf-srps-yyw ‪(DE) +49 40 8081618391‬ PIN: ‪524 139 836‬# More dial-in numbers: https://tel.meet/rhf-srps-yyw?pin=7533616513073

Link to Calendar Entry

Coming back to the actual points, I prepare a list a list and discuss it. Points can be discussed in two directions:

  1. what would be a set of relevant points? - bring your own.
  2. what would be your understanding of a particular point? - for example, if we say “documentation” what do see there especially for Charms?

An initial list for discussion:

  • documentation
  • code readability
  • a good charm name
  • unit testing
  • integration testing
  • up-to-date-ness
  • trademark usage and license compliance was named last workshop as well
  • Which URLs to provide
  • Which contacts to provide
  • discussion forum

so … as it was put in last workshop invite:

Anyone is welcome to join. Bring a beer. Bring a friend. Be amazing. :dizzy: :boom: :heart: -Michael


Great topic!

Also, if you haven’t added the community calendar yet, use the link in the description to have it added to your own calendar.

Next week - the startup meeting for the community counsel is due. Its open for everyone of course.


Hey @mcjaeger, looking forward to it! More points to touch upon if there’s time:


Adding to this a clipboard / slide presentation to actually work on the topics.

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not sure where to report, but I followed the icon tutorial… but never saw in charmhub my icon(s)…

happy to file a ticket somewhere but I was unsure if charmhub has it’s own area or if this is a juju ticket

I suggest you ask for help here on charmhub or mattermost. Yesterday someone had a similar issue and it turned out to be that the icon had the wrong size…

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