[community-workshop] Join for a morning social

Welcome to another Juju community hangout! :tada:

Friday 17: june - 10:00 CET Link to meeting: meet.google.com/idz-prhq-bfv

This morning, we’ll just share community and internet gossip, news and whatsgoingon. Let us know where the action is!

E.g. social and lightweight with a flavor of Juju. :heart:

Join, join, join and and feel comfortable asking questions, let people know about your projects or anything fun.

Beers :beer: (10:00am ?) and animals :dog2: are allowed.

Calendar event below (add it to your calendar):


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Count me in!

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Bringin beers?

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haha. Maybe not beer. Gin though…


Now that will for sure end up in interesting topics! :rofl: