[community-workshop] GitHub build & release a charm to Charmhub.

Hello wizzards!

Build & release Nextcloud to charmhub
Friday, July 7 · 14:00 – 15:00
Time zone: Europe/Berlin
Google Meet joining info
Video call link: https://meet.google.com/amq-gkxh-rvj

In this workshop, you will be walked through how the Nextcloud charm Github repo builds and releases the charm to charmhub.io.

You will learn from this, how to setup your charm repo, how to generate a token to allow github to interact with charmhub and tips and trix to get it all rolling.

This is an important piece of a puzzle to get your charms into quality (QA) and in a later workshop, I’ll cover how to do a simple deploy-relate sequence to test that your charms actually works from a user-operator-perspective. Knowing this will boost you there.

I will be leveraging the Canonical (canonical/data-platform-workflows) as presented by @carlcsaposs in a previous workshop about reusable workflows if you want to get even deeper into this subject.

Thanx to the https://dwellir.com team for assisting getting this in place, @carlcsaposs and to Canonical for all the hard work getting here.


I want to take part in this workshop how could i do it?

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Its already been. But there will be more on the same topic in the coming weeks.