[community workshop] Exploring the juju dashboard version 0.9.2

On this community workshop, we will explore the “juju dashboard” and see what it can be used for and provide input for future development.

To access the juju dashboard, simply run:

juju dashboard

Fredag, 11 mars · 11:00–13:00 (Stockholm time)

Video link: https://meet.google.com/wss-joed-xrt

The current version of the juju dashboard is 0.9.2 and hopefully we can get someone from the Juju dashboard team to join. @pedroleaoc might dig someone out?

Here is the code repo: https://github.com/canonical-web-and-design/jaas-dashboard/

Here is a screenshot of a nextcloud model running visualized by the juju dashboard.

Bring a friend and tag along.


I’ll be there!

PS Loving the date in Swedish :))


Great to see this is happening @erik-lonroth. We are interested in joining the event, but unfortunately our calendars are quite difficult tomorrow. Do you think the event could be recorded? I understand it might be difficult though, some notes would help as well. I’ll still try to drop by.

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Hey @gomboli - I’m sorry but I normally don’t like to record the sessions because I rather have people feel comfortable in the present and feel safe to play around.

I hope you can make it, there is much to be said about the dashboard and with small changes, it can be useful to at least me and in a few contexts.

But, since there is no way to contribute easily to the code or get any connection to the devs, the project feels stuck. Hope that could change - but that would mean training and a will to make it possible and easy to contribute. That is not the case atm.

Hi Erik, Ant from the web engineering team. I will try and attend today. I am traveling today but will try and find a quiet place to join in. Might be a little late.

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Try this meeting link.


The old one seems not to work