[community workshop] Dive into relations with Vitaly

Join in for the next community workshop!

This time, featuring @anvial, teaching us more about his work on “Cross Model Relations” and Juju.

Time: 09:00 UTC, Friday 04 February
Meeting link: https://meet.google.com/avv-rnyt-nfc

The workshop meeting will be dedicated to the foundations of Juju Relations.

Relations provide a means to integrate applications and enable a simple communications channel between them.

We will talk about Juju relations, their types, events and Cross Model Relations (CMR). CMRs allow applications in different models to be related. Models may be hosted on the same controller, different controllers, and different clouds.

During the meeting, we will run a demo with a relation of two Juju apps, which are deployed in different Juju clouds showing how to work with CMR.

Bring a friend, come as you are. Be awesome.

Please write something in this thread if you are joining so we know there will be a crowd =)