[community workshop] Discover tools that helps when Jujuing

Welcome :tada: to another community workshop on all things Juju, devops, cloud and wizardry computer magics!

This session will feature @tiradojm with a hands-on session to discuss troubleshooting on Juju. :eyes: :construction:

When: Friday, 25 March, at 09:00 UTC

Where: https://meet.google.com/tnn-ctvs-gme

Because life can be unfair when deploying your charms, join us to discover some of the internal tools juju offers to know what is going on.

Bring a friend, come as you are. Be awesome. Help spread the word about the workshop.

PS. Please comment in this thread to let us know if you are joining.


Yes, I’ll be there :raised_hands: Thanks!

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Thanx for letting us know, its encouraging to see it =)

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I’ll be there!

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Count me in! Starts in 20 minutes

Yes, I’ll be there

can we get the recordings or write up for these ?

We normally don’t record the sessions as to allow the participants to be comfortable participating in the events.

Unless full consent can be given from all participants, we don’t record.