[community workshop] Community wishlist for next development sprint

Greetings Juju wizards and acolytes!

Prepare for the next workshop:


Friday 22:th April at 09:00 Stockholm timezone.


Link to the meeting: meet.google.com/zar-jkfa-jmi

Add to you calendar using this link


The Juju core development team runs their development in 6 month sprints and input to that development is collected in mysterious ways. I think @jameinel runs the planning. Thanx to @tlm that informed me briefly about this.

This community workshop will be working on what the community and users of Juju would like to see finding its way into that planning of development of Juju.

The ambition is to provide valuable input and strengthen the Canonical developers connection to the community. We will of course not be able to get all what we wish for, but providing input to devs is absolutely critical to improve the Juju project as a true open source project.

The plan this time, is to assemble a wishlist of priorities we collectively dream about our every day Jujuing.

The result from the workshop will be a grand wishlist that will be teleported to the development team by magic waves and for sure this will lead up to amazing discussions and events.

Your contribution matters!

To be efficient during this chaotic workshop - I want you to PREPARE and help.

  1. Talk about this wishlist in your teams or debate with your mother.
  2. Then write down in a bullet list, your most wanted features/improvements + a short explanation/motivation.
  3. Post your list in this thread prior to the event.

If your timezone is messed up in relation to the event, please add your input anyway and we will try push it in to the best of our ability.

We need this input and pull in as many as you can.

Anyone is welcome to join. Bring a beer. Bring a friend. Be amazong. :dizzy: :boom: :heart:


I’ll be there. But: Note that for many people this is a public holiday, so this might affect attendance.

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These difficult priorities all the time :juju:

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Because of the public holiday that happens this week, we are moving this event to the 15:th.

There is a calendar event which you can add to your calendar as well.

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Just a reminder that this Friday is when this workshop takes place…

@hallback @tmihoc @mcjaeger @jamesbeedy @joakimnyman @emcp etc. etc.

It might not have reached out broad, but hopefully we can produce something here.


I’ll be there! @erik-lonroth update the date/time/meeting link in the announcement? >> Oh, sorry, I see you already did.

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is this the same google meet link for 9AM Swe time this upcoming Friday ?

@mcjaeger should I produce one for this friday event?

Anyway, here is a link to the calendar you can add to your own @emcp

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