[community workshop] Beginners session, intro to Juju!

Come join in for a beginner Juju session!

Workshop: Beginner to Juju :dizzy:

Fredag, den 6 maj · 09:00–10:00 (Stockholm :sweden: Timezone)

Google Meet Video Link: https://meet.google.com/bbv-wjbs-hmo

Feeling lost at Hogwarts? Fighting with getting started? Come join in and meet with the experts and community to help you get started with Juju!

No prior knowledge required!

Make sure you have a Linux client prepared with the juju client installed and you will be able to follow along!


I’ll be there! @barrettj12 , @mr-parish you might find this useful too


Post-workshop update: I’ve attended every one of your beginner workshops, @erik-lonroth , but I still learned SO MUCH today. I love how you help people connect the dots between juju.is , client, controller, cloud, credentials, charmhub.io, the Github repositories for various charms, a charm and the application it encapsulates, cloud interfaces, an application deployed and related to another application in the CLI and what it looks like after you’ve exposed it, etc. Thank you for making things real!