[community workshop] Beginner level charming with a twist of LXD

This workshop is for beginner level Juju dev or ops.

Friday November 26 2021

Time: 09:00AM UTC.

Link to google meeting: https://meet.google.com/xej-szmh-rds

I’ll take you through a basic charm that makes use of LXD profiles to control how containers can be tailored to fit your needs. Perhaps give your deployments access to a GPU for deep learning? :blue_car:

The repo is very much in development and fairly untested, so there is lots of room to help out and laugh at failures. :construction:

Here is the charm we will study: https://github.com/erik78se/juju-operators-examples/tree/main/lxd-profile

About me - I’ve been using Juju for years and hosted lots of on-boarding sessions. I’m happy to share my experiences with you and hopefully learn something myself.

Please ping us in the thread if you intend to join so that we know if I got participants or not.


Count me in!


I’ll be there

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plan to attend

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See you there!

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I see it’s missing the [community workshop] tag. Wanna add it?

(That way it will be indexed better and people will be able to find it by clicking on the tag from other such posts.)

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done, thanx for letting me know.

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I intend to join too

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Next week same time probably =) Hope you can join.