[community workshop] A tour of the Juju dashboard

Join in on a workshop to discover the juju dashboard :cyclone: with @ya-bo-ng

This session will feature Ant (@ya-bo-ng) and Claudio (@gomboli) providing a demo of the Juju dashboard. Including brief insights into the future roadmap of the project.

A great chance to learn more about juju.

When: Friday, 1 April, at 09:00 UTC

Where: meet.google.com/aeo-pemd-mpc

Please comment in this thread to let us know if you are joining.


Count me in!

I’d like to join :slight_smile:

I will join :raised_hands:

Planning to join too :slight_smile:

Hello, thank you for joining the session this morning, was great to meet you. This is what @anthonydillon and I presented:

Overview of the current features

  • Top-level view across applications
    • JAAS and the different range of models including data-aggregation
  • Controllers page
  • Monitoring and status
  • Actions and action logs
    • Bulk actions over CLI
  • Model access
    • Share with gomboli@external
    • Have a view for people who have access
    • See the level of permissions
    • Add people
  • Show web CLI

Future features (design)

You can click on the links to access to the designs.

Network spaces view

Advance actions log page

Topology edit mode

  • Annotations
  • Dynamic focus
  • Show cross-model relations

Cross model relations in the topology

Please feel free to provide feedback and/or feature requests

You can:



From the screenshots, this looks very promising. I wish I could have joined, but I was out promoting juju infrastructure and cloud building with lxd. =)

Amazing presentation of the material. This is something I will try to mimic going forward.

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@gomboli - is the screenshots above with the action output available in the interface part of a released version yet?

Yes, that one and the other screenshots (and links to designs) are part of the coming features to implement in future releases of the Dashboard. @sssler-scania

When is the action output planned to be released ? It’s something I’ve been hungering for, for like forever! =)

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