[community workshop] A Charm's life: understanding juju hooks

Welcome Juju wizards and beginners to yet another workshop intended to boost and level your skills in the art of computer wizardry!


This time, the topic is:

A Charm’s life: understanding juju hooks, events and the lifecycle of a charm.

This session will feature Pietro (@ppasotti), who will be taking us through the contents of this document.

Its intended to spark a conversation regarding what’s unclear about the document, the graph, and charm events in general. So the session will be as interactive as we care to make it.

Some useful resources that will be useful during the workshop can be found here.

Meeting Info: Friday, 8 April · 11:00am – 12:00pm Amsterdam time

Google Meet joining info Video call link: https://meet.google.com/iob-zvxv-wum

Or dial: ‪(NL) +31 20 257 2285‬ PIN: ‪384 462 805‬

More phone numbers: https://tel.meet/iob-zvxv-wum?pin=4244557543548

Let us know if you are joining in the thread to boost the event =)

Don’t hesitate to participate!


I’ll be there!

I intend to be there!

I will be there.

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Would love to join!

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I’ll definitely be there!

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Great presentation today @ppasotti! Thanks for the extra details and the answers to the questions that were asked.

Thank you all for joining! It was great fun :slight_smile: and as a bonus check out the (fixed) event simulator at https://github.com/PietroPasotti/charm-events/blob/main/simulator.py

and the tool to view events at Watching events in real-time for debugging - charm - Charmhub

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To those who joined and thought I was talking too fast, or those who couldn’t attend, I wrote up some of the material I covered in the first part in a discourse post.

You can read it here: Talking to a workload: data flow from A to Z - framework - Charmhub

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Thanks for running this, and for sharing your materials, @ppasotti!

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