Community Session, building a state machine diagram for Juju

This work was inspired by the discussions of @erik-lonroth and @jamesbeedy

We will be working on a state machine diagram for Juju and charms. Here is the WIP: Miro | Online Whiteboard for Visual Collaboration

The meeting will start at 4pm UTC, just after today’s sidecar charming session. Please find the link to the event in the community calendar. We will be joined by two engineers from the Operator Framework team.

This will be an open session and everyone is invited to collaborate.



Hey @pedroleaoc I’ve worked a bit more on the diagram today and you might want to check it out. I had a lot of comments added in and I compressed the diagram alot.

I’d love to work more on this with you.

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Did you have a plan for this making its way into docs for juju?

Hi Erik, I will try to bring some Juju people and charmers to the weekly meeting this Thursday to get their final feedback on the diagram. I am happy to publish it asap after that :slight_smile:


The diagram has now been worked on and currently looks like this.

This is an eyeopener to at least me on the complexity of developing Juju charms. Having this will at least help.

We definitely need to cut this up into pieces, stages, in how to develop charms…

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