[community-lab-session] Write your first juju charm

Learn how to write your first juju charm with ops!


Friday, 20 januari · 13:00–14:30 (Stockholm time)

Video link: https://meet.google.com/jdh-sjxz-rqv

Beginner to charming? This is a community lab, where I will hold your hand and get started with Juju charms !

Any beginner level developer will have no problems following as @erik-lonroth will take you through an interactive session and produce a working charm using ops and juju 2.9.

However, you should try to come prepared for us to be able to finish in time:

  1. Have an AWS account or a local LXD on your laptop or workstation. This is going to be your cloud to which we will deploy the charm. If you go with AWS, also make sure you have your API-key ready. (Read here)

  2. Have installed the “juju client” on 2.9.37 or later.

  3. Have installed “charmcraft” 2.2.0 or later.

  4. Have generated ssh-keys:


  1. Have a ubuntu-one account. (Get it here) as we need it to be able to deploy some charms from charmhub etc.

I’ll be there!