Commands should support a --paste option to send output to a pastebin service

When debugging, users often paste the output of their Juju client commands to This can be an annoying 30 seconds or so, particularly when one is already annoyed because something has broken.

Perhaps we could just get Juju to do it?

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Not a bad idea, but the page says:

Please do not set up programs to send data to this site in an automated fashion;

Maybe that doesn’t count, but it is Canonical’s pastebin anyway, so you’re probably fine. :smirk:

There’s an ubuntu package called “pastebinit”

I tested it out with juju status and the like and you just pipe to it and it works out.

 juju status | pastebinit

and it spits out a link for you

It’s actually kind of cool so I created a zsh pipe alias for it

alias -g P='|pastebinit'

Now I can do

juju status P

And I get the link right back.

I think that folks might want to use other pastebins and such and I’d rather make that the job of a plugin or other tool vs building into Juju personally, but I think highlighting that these tools are out there and making it part of things like bug filing notes/instructions is a really worthwhile endeavor.