Cluster is inaccessible from this instance

After a fresh installation of modified the modified ha openstack-base bundle by devzero openstack seams to be working fine all units are active and I am able to apply a custom theme with juju, create images and flavors with the openstack client and domains users and networks with horizon. But after I create an instance I got a Bad Request (400) in horizon and in juju status I can see a Failed to connect to MySQL in openstack-dashboard and then Cluster is inaccessible from this instance for mysql-innodb-cluster and then more units start to get Failed to connect to MySQL Active status is restored in all units after 30 minutes o so, and the created instance is running.

I hope someone can help me with this problem

juju-status-job_33.pdf (38.1 KB)

Hi. I would focus on this database unit:

mysql-innodb-cluster/1 blocked idle 1/lxd/3 Cluster is inaccessible from this instance. Please check logs for details.

Check the database logs on the unit (/var/log/mysql).

@pmatulis thas for the prompt reply. I am attaching the log but the last line has a timestamp that does not correspond to the error that occurred about an hour ago, so I am not sure what is the problem

mysql-innodb-cluster__using_non-Linux-generated_files-job_34.pdf (47.6 KB)

Caveat: I’ve never tried to repair such a scenario.

You can look into increasing the value of the max-connections configuration option for the mysql-innodb-cluster charm:

juju config mysql-innodb-cluster max-connections=XXX

If the unit stays offline you can try restarting its services:

juju run-action --wait mysql-innodb-cluster/1 restart-services

do you know what is the default value ? also is max_connections or max-connections ? what number do you suggest?

The resource I linked to shows a default of 600. The charm configuration option is max-connections but it corresponds to the upstream max_connections option. You will need to do some research and/or trial and error to determine what is appropriate for your environment.

Thanks I will test with some values