Cinder backend limits

Hello there,

I’m currently using Openstack Yoga on Ubuntu 22.04. I currently have three backends, each one compromised of NVMe, SAS and NL-SAS drives. Would it be possible to establish a per project quota based on the backend?

What I mean is, I want to create a project with 800 GB of volume quota. I want that project to use at max 600 GB of NVMe, 100 GB of SAS and 100 GB of NL-SAS backends. I was thinking that it should be doable by using a combination of filtering and cinder volume types assigned to a project.

Something like this:

cinder type-create gold --extra-specs volume_backend_name=gold --metadata quota:gigabytes=600

and then map the cinder type to the NVMe storage backend. Does it make sense? Do you think it is doable?