CharmTech Team Updates - Week #34 2022

We’ve let these updates slide a couple of weeks I believe (holidays, heat, summer…) But I think it’s time to pick them up again

@jnsgruk @rwcarlsen @pengale

This week I:

  • made some progress typing ops/, the last major file to be typed in ops.
  • poked some holes in ops:
  • released some minor new features to jhack:
    • jhack tail now has a ‘filter-event’ option to pass a regex to filter which events to listen to
    • jhack tail, show-relation and nuke now have a ‘color’ option to configure the color profile or disable it entirely (for readability on certain terminals).
  • Worked on a strictly-confined jhack snap. Now ready and awaiting manual review from the snapcraft folks
  • Polished up a little bit Getting started with charm testing , started circulating it internally
  • took a deep dive with Robert and Gustavo to discuss the last details of ops.Secrets
  • worked on a presentation about developer experience and debugging ergonomics
  • helped here and there
  • interview duty
  • Fixed storage testing issue via #820 - thanks to @ppasotti for the detailed report.
  • Did github housekeeping and triage (reviewed #811 and #814, consolidated #747 and #767, triaged networking bug, etc.)
  • Finished drafting ops secrets spec. got preliminary approval from G
  • Started working on ops secrets implementation - making good progress so far.
  • Made some updates to pebble log forwarding spec after discussion with Ben. Scheduled meeting next week with G, Simon, and friends to try to finalize a few remaining “big” decisions there.
  • Got a working prototype pebble log forwarding impl that works with both syslog and loki push API.
  • Booked travel for fall sprints.
  • interview stuff