CharmTech Team Updates - Week #27 2022

@rwcarlsen @pengale @jnsgruk here this week’s updates!

This week I:

  • Opened a PR on typing
  • Fixed some tests on traefik, improved the integration testing setup
  • Released v1 of ingress and ingress_per_unit
  • Worked on TCP routing for the traefik-k8s charm
  • Published
  • Worked a little bit on a new jhack tool

Whoops. Never posted this last week:

  • Updated StoredState docs to use container.can_connect. StoredState: Uses, Limitations
  • Dove into the toolchain that builds the jaas-dashboard. It needs to be refactored and updated for Juju 3.0. This took up most of my time this week!
  • Sync w/ the Jaas team on progress.
  • The usual intra-team meetings, deep dives, etc.

Was a very short (~3 day) week for me:

  • Lots of interviewing stuff.
  • Lots of work on pebble log forwarding.