CharmTech Team Updates - Week #26 2022

@pengale @rwcarlsen @jnsgruk here the team’s updates for the week.

This week I:

  • Worked on the onboarding troublemakers bundle.
  • Started typing
  • Continued working on release-libs, a charming action for automatically releasing libs on version/revision bump.
  • Wrote and released internally compound status, early version of a lib to manage status pools for complex charms with a lot going on.
  • Wrote and released internally harness-extensions, a collection of small-ish charm libs meant to make testing with harness easier. For now three libs in there:
    • one to mock networking things
    • one to capture events being emitted on a charm for unittests
    • one to experiment with a one-event-per-charm-instance pattern of unittesting with Harness.
  • Started looking into snapping jhack
  • Interview duty
  • Worked a bunch on pebble log forwarding. Should get to a draft PR point sometime next week.
  • Fixed a harness departing_unit bug.
  • Looked over and discussed various ideas of Pietro’s - relation context stuff (very crazy), status pool (less crazy), etc.
  • Reviewed PRs
  • Interviews
  • Prepared to celebrate the day Jeff Goldblum saved the world from aliens.
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