CharmTech Team Updates - Week #24 2022

@rwcarlsen @pengale @jnsgruk @ppasotti - Here are this week’s updates.

  • Met w/ OpenStack team, and started a spec for status handling based on their feedback in the meeting.
  • Met w/ Teodora to categorize/update docs.
  • Synced up w/ onboarding team about “troublemaker” charms.
  • Various PRs, conversations on Mattermost, Discourse, etc.
  • Worked on putting together the k8s version of the dashboard charm. I have a few open questions for early next week, but I think that I’m close to having both in working shape. :slight_smile:
  • Did a deep dive on the provides/requires spec; did some thinking about the best way to surface the ops features that charm authors are missing on their first pass through the code and docs.

(Forgot to do it on Friday, so…)

  • Wrapped up addressing the comments in the typing prs in ops
  • Published icons for Traefik, Traefik-Route and wrote up a post advertising them to the world
  • Interviews.
  • Helped Teodora with sanitizing the docs
  • Synced with onboarding team about my work on the troublemaker charm bundle.
  • Paired with Simon to design a tester charm setup for relation interfaces.
  • Large refactoring of ingress-per-unit in Traefik, following the model of ingress. V1 libs PR, with ‘native’ tester charms for ingress and ingress-per-unit. CF: