CharmTech Team Updates - Week #22 2022

@rwcarlsen @pengale @jnsgruk Here this week’s updates.

This week I:

Had Mon-Tues off - so it was a short week for me:

I’m back from an extended leave! (I got covid, and got better. Mostly.)

Last week, I:

  • Met with Dora and went over a list of docs that are disconnected from the main doc tree. Advised on next steps to link some of them to the tree, noted some that could be archived.
  • Started work on the Juju Dashboard charm (read specs, read existing code, setup meetings w/ the folks who have done some work on it, etc.)
  • Met w/ JAAS team; went over JAAS specific requirements for the dashboard charm.
  • Went over my notes from the Product Sprint, and filed issues/added ticklers to follow-up where appropriate.
  • Dove into the codebase for the Juju Dashboard charm (that’s the next project on my plate).
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Glad you’re back with health!

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