Charmed Spark 3 Beta release is now available

Charmed Spark 3 Beta Release Notes

The Canonical Data Fabric team is proud to release Charmed Spark 3 Beta!

This is a Beta release for what will become the first stable release of the solution, Charmed Spark.

The stable release will provide an integrated way of managing Spark applications on Kubernetes and deliver enterprise support, security maintenance and extended capabilities for Apache Spark 3.4.

Charmed Spark is the first piece of an integrated suite of solutions for data-intensive applications that Canonical will release.

Beta Charmed Spark is in a beta preview and therefore are subject to change. We invite users to try the solution and provide feedback.

Feature Highlights

This first release of Charmed Spark comes with features to deploy and interact with Spark applications on Kubernetes clusters.

Spark-client snap

The spark-client snap for launching and interacting with Spark applications on Kubernetes, including the Apache Spark runtime binaries and the spark8t toolkit to help simplify working with Spark on Kubernetes.

Releases can be found on Snapstore. Source code can be found on Github.

Spark8t Python package

The spark8t Python package contains additional tools to help simplify working with Spark on Kubernetes.

Releases can be found on Github

Charmed-spark OCI image

The charmed-spark security maintained OCI container image for Kubernetes, containing the Apache Spark runtime binaries, OpenJDK and Python, based on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

Releases can be found on GitHub

Spark-history-server-k8s charm

The spark-history-server-k8s charm which automates deployment of the Spark History Server using Juju. Juju is an open source orchestration engine for software operators that enables the deployment, integration and lifecycle management of applications at any scale, on any infrastructure.

Releases can be found on Charmhub. Source code can be found on Github.


Users can find documentation for the Charmed Spark solution and a guide to getting started on charmhub discourse.

Feedback Appreciated!

We encourage users to let us know how you’re using Charmed Spark. Please ask questions on the Charmhub Discourse and chat with us at Please submit bug reports via GitHub.

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