Charmed PostgreSQL K8s How To - Configure S3 for AWS

Note: All commands are written for juju >= v.3.0

If you are using an earlier version, check the Juju 3.0 Release Notes.

Configure S3 for AWS

A Charmed PostgreSQL K8s backup can be stored on any S3-compatible storage. S3 access and configurations are managed with the s3-integrator charm.

This guide will teach you how to deploy and configure the s3-integrator charm for AWS S3, send the configurations to the Charmed PostgreSQL application, and update it. (To configure S3 for RadosGW, see this guide)

Configure s3-integrator

First, deploy and run the charm:

juju deploy s3-integrator
juju run s3-integrator/leader sync-s3-credentials access-key=<access-key-here> secret-key=<secret-key-here>

Then, use juju config to add your configuration parameters. For example:

juju config s3-integrator \
    endpoint="" \
    bucket="postgresql-test-bucket-1" \
    path="/postgresql-test" \

There is now an experimental configuration option that sets up a retention time (in days) for backups stored in S3: experimental-delete-older-than-days. More info on this guide

The amazon S3 endpoint must be specified as s3.<region> within the first 24 hours of creating the bucket. For older buckets, the endpoint can be used.

See this post for more information.

Integrate with Charmed PostgreSQL

To pass these configurations to Charmed PostgreSQL, integrate the two applications:

juju integrate s3-integrator postgresql-k8s

You can create, list, and restore backups now:

juju run postgresql-k8s/leader list-backups
juju run postgresql-k8s/leader create-backup 
juju run postgresql-k8s/leader list-backups 
juju run postgresql-k8s/leader restore backup-id=<backup-id-here> 

You can also update your S3 configuration options after relating using:

juju config s3-integrator <option>=<value>

The s3-integrator charm accepts many configurations - enter whichever are necessary for your S3 storage.