Charmed PostgreSQL Explanations - Charm Statuses

Charm Statuses Explanations

:warning: WARNING : it is an work-in-progress article. Do NOT use it in production! Contact Canonical Data Platform team if you are interested in the topic.

The charm follows standard Juju applications statuses. Here you can find the expected end-users reaction on different statuses:

Juju Status Message Expectations Actions
active any Normal charm operations No actions required
waiting any Charm is waiting for relations to be finished No actions required
maintenance any Charm is performing the internal maintenance (e.g. cluster re-configuration, upgrade, …) No actions required
blocked failed to update cluster members on member TODO: error/retry?
blocked failed to install snap packages There are issues with the network connection and/or the Snap Store Check your internet connection and Remove the application and when everything is ok, deploy the charm again
blocked failed to patch snap seccomp profile The charm failed to patch one issue that happens when pgBackRest restores a backup (this blocked status should be removed when is added to the snap) Remove the unit and add it back again
blocked failed to set up postgresql_exporter options The charm failed to set up the metrics exporter Remove the unit and add it back again
blocked failed to start Patroni TODO: error/retry?
blocked Failed to create postgres user The charm couldn’t create the default postgres database user due to connection problems Connect to the database using the operator user and the password from the get-password action, then run CREATE ROLE postgres WITH LOGIN SUPERUSER;
blocked Failed to restore backup The database couldn’t start after the restore The charm needs fix in the code to recover from this status and enable a new restore to be requested
error any An unhanded internal error happened Read the message hint. Execute juju resolve <error_unit/0> after addressing the root of the error state
terminated any The unit is gone and will be cleaned by Juju soon No actions possible
unknown any Juju doesn’t know the charm app/unit status. Possible reason: K8s charm termination in progress. Manual investigation required if status is permanent