Charmed Openstack

I have never been able to get charmed OpenStack fully working. I’m wondering if anyone preferably UK based could lend me a hand sometime and walk me through the hardware and software requirements for my cluster. I am moving from a hyper-converged VMware infrastructure


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James, I’m happy to help getting you going with Charmed OpenStack. I’m in EST though.

Software requirements are Juju and the OpenStack Charms, all running on the latest Ubuntu LTS release, and ideally using MAAS.

Hardware requirements depend on the intended workload.

Here is an all-in-one MAAS-based POC solution. It requires a single, but highly resourced machine.

Hi Peter, I have available hardware for a small charmed OpenStack lab but could never get it to work. Could you look at my hardware setup maybe there is a problem with that?

It consists of:
1x MAAS controller (quad-core, 8GB ram, 128GB SSD, 1 NIC)
1x JUJU controller (quad-core, 8GB ram, 128GB SSD, 1 NIC)
3x DL360 Nodes (2x hexa core, 128GB ram, 2x146GB sas raid 0, 6x 1TB raid 6, 2 NIC)

They are all connected to a cisco switch.

That should really be enough hardware (tight but doable). Where did you run into problems?

We are working to enable single-NIC configurations too, for simpler clouds.

Lastly, while I’m a fan of Charmed OpenStack, if your OpenStack is for the edge or very small clusters, take a look at MicroStack. It’s still in beta, but it is a minimal OpenStack for edge environments that puts a standard config into a single package so you don’t have many moving parts, just a single package install.