Charmed Openstack stuck: failed to connect to mysql

Hi, I am stuck after trying several different builds of Openstack-telemetry.

My deployment goes fine until applications try to connect to MySQL. The three nodes for MySQL are up and running without issue and can be connected to through localhost on port 3306 internally.

Other applications, namely: AODH, Cinder, Glance, Gnocchi, Keystone, Neutron, Nova, cannot connect to the MySQL nodes.

In the logs on each of these failing applications, it shows that they were unable to connect to MySQL at In their MySQL conf file it is pointed towards

Why are they trying to connect using Is there some special mapping back to the actual active IP of the MySQL cluster?

Hi Matthew, welcome to the forum.

Can you pastebin a summary of your deployment (by exporting a bundle that represents the model) and the model’s current status:

juju export-bundle 
juju status --relations

Please pastebin :slight_smile:

So you’re running OpenStack Xena on Focal nodes. You also appear to be mixing legacy charms (cs: prefix) that do not support channels with channel configuration:

    charm: cs:mysql-innodb-cluster
    channel: stable

I recommend that you use actual channel charms (ch: prefix). Here are some example charm configurations from the major charm groups (MySQL, OpenStack, Ceph, OVN) to get you going:

    charm: ch:mysql-innodb-cluster
    channel: 8.0/stable
    charm: ch:mysql-router
    channel: 8.0/stable
    charm: ch:glance
    channel: xena/stable
    charm: ch:ceph-mon
    channel: pacific/stable
    charm: ch:ovn-central
    channel: 21.09/stable

This is described in the Deployment Guide but for Jammy-Yoga.

Okay, we were deploying using the openstack-telemetry charm.

We have also attempted deploying the openstack-base charm, but with the same results.

Can you provide a link to the exact openstack-base bundle you used? Or did you deploy directly on the command line?

Directly from the command line.

git clone

The stable bundles are going to be updated soon. In the meantime, you can just replace the charm: values and add channel: lines as per my earlier comment.

That worked!

I had to remove some of the stuck applications and then redeploy to recreate them, but I now have a functioning deployment.


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Nicely done!