Charmed MongoDB VM How-to | Before upgrading

Before upgrading

This is the first section in a group of how-to pages that will guide you through performing a minor upgrade on your MongoDB charm.

Before upgrading, there are some important considerations to take into account:

Current state of your deployment

Before upgrading your Charmed MongoDB deployment, ensure that it is both active and idle with juju status. The deployment should be healthy and not performing and long running operations such as creating a backup.

Concurrency with other operations

We strongly recommend users to not perform any other extraordinary operations on Charmed MongoDB cluster while upgrading, as it can lead the cluster into inconsistent states.

Some examples of extraordinary are operations (but not limited to) the following:

  • Adding or removing units
  • Creating or destroying new relations
  • Upgrading other connected/related/integrated applications simultaneously


Make sure to have a backup of your data when running any type of upgrade. Guides on how to make a backup can be found here.

Next steps

Once you are ready to upgrade, proceed with:

  1. Revisions that support upgrades
  2. Perform a minor upgrade on a replica set


  1. Perform a minor upgrade on a sharded cluster (coming soon)